CONCEPT-CONTEXT, 2014-till date
Iterations & Variations On-going Series.

A geometrical composition using text. Text as image, image as text. To our mind, a word becomes more than a word once it is evoked, it produces an image, a meaning. It is through speech that we share the world and learn its knowledges while we become thsoe knowledges, those consciences. According to Ranciere: “The human animal learns everything in the same way as it initially learnt its mother tongue, as it learnt to venture into the forest of things and signs surrounding it, so as to take its place among human beings: by observing and comparing one thing with another, a sign with a fact, a sign with another sign”. In the “Concept-Context"; iterations & variations on-going series, the geometricity in the word-game design becomes a consequence of content, an encounter with form; the word-game becomes an infinite loop of possibilities, it is a statement as much as it is an invitation to continue playing with it.

*In these series, materials and displays vary from permanent to precarious installations, and variations from photocopies to acrylic plates, and from projections to illuminations.
Museo Arte Moderno, Guatemala 2016
A Central American Contemporary Art
Compilation, 2015
Galeria S1, Guatemala 2015
BB15 Gallery, Linz, Austria 2014
W139 Gallery, Amsterdam, 2014