Comisioned By Bredaphoto 2012,
the topic for the event was "Empathy".
Approaching “empathy” as a topic involves serious complexities, essentially because of the immediacy of common places found on the illustration of the concept, and the broad understanding that we give to its meaning. Originally I started by declined completely declining to find inspiration on images that illustrated empathy, I wanted to find the feeling of empathy, not outside in the world, but in myself and use that as a departure point. The image used in the video has been extracted and appropriated out of mainstream media by making a screen-shoot. The music track, a composition by Amit Chatterjee titled “empathy” has been selected and remixed to fit the intend of the video. Coming across Amit Chatterjee's musical composition “Empathy” was crucial to materialize the piece since its early stages, parallel I began to research on footage an images that related more to my perception of the ?empathic feeling?, rather than to empathy it self. Although I don?t consider myself a political artist, it becomes inevitable to border ?the political? when one engages reflection on the basic human condition and our experience of powerlessness by showing an image of a nuclear detonation.

*The video loops, Sound, Sizes and display formats variable, duration 4.10 min. Originally, this video projection is designed to be show as an immersive installation in a complete dark room. The piece (8:00 min. edited as double loop) runs in a constant loop. The video is not necessarily intended to be viewed as a linear story, from a to b, but it is rather suggested to the viewer to enter and leave the room as it is satisfactory while it?s playing. Specific installation for Bredaphoto 2012. Museum of the Image, Breda, Netherlands.